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Launch the visualization.

SoundHound asked us to create a promotional visualization based on our Information Recast technology (used in the UN Visualization). For data, they gave us a set with top song shares by cities in the United States for a 24 hour period, Valentine's Day. Based on our Information Recast technology, we used simulated physics, and a particle generator based on a relative frequency of shares, to visualize the volume of shares and their directionality for that day.

Users can select to see the flows of songs in two modes. In the first mode users select a song or songs and see how that song was shared across the contry and at what volume. By volume, we mean how many instances of a given song were shared, so the number of particles (white dots) flowing between the song title and the city on the map indicate how many times it was shared relative to the other top songs - a heavy flow of partiles means it was among the most shared songs. The second mode allows users to select a city and see all of the songs shared to SoundHound users located in that city, and again, based on the volume of shares of that song.

The technology and concept behind this is based on our Information Recast technology.


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