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You have a problem in search of a solution or an idea you need to bring to life, quickly, efficiently and with a high level of polish and creativity. You're tired of hiring and working with overgrown teams that produce more PowerPoint than product. You need to cover a lot of ground quickly with a small, efficient team that knows a lot about a lot.

Whether that means you need to find and communicate the stories in your data, utilize new technology to collect and organize new kinds of information or bring something entirely new to life in the physical or virtual world, we can help.

Our clients enjoy working directly with the people conceptualizing and crafting the end product. They've experienced and profited from the opportunities and efficiencies uncovered by using the broad range of our knowledge and expertise in a powerful, focused team that remains small enough that no one loses sight of the end goal.

Let's talk about how we can work together.

Education / Background

We have formal academic backgrounds in history, electrical engineering, fine art, interactive telecommunications, and computer science, but our other experiences are non-trivial. Examples of jobs held and projects completed:

Industrial organic farming compostor
Off-broadway Stage Manager
PR associate for middle east peace organizations
Professional poker player
Touring and booking management at Columbia Artists
Biochemistry lab technician
Technical producer for comedy sketch shows at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater
Tree farm weed picker
V8 engine rebuild
Performed at CBGBs
Completed one semester of high school in the Air Force JROTC
Social worker in the city of New York.
Talked way into David Bowie's birthday party
Auto-body painter
Rocky mountain hiking guide

Lecturing / Speaking / Workshops / Teaching

• MoMA | Design and the Elastic Mind
• MIT Hyperstudio
• Adjunct faculty at NYU/ITP
• Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
• U.S. Department of State
• Lightwave Festival, Dublin
• ETech
• Where 2.0
• EMPAC's Filament Festival
• C:ADM2010 Conference
• Sundance Film Festival

Technical Skills

• Ruby on Rails
• iOS App Development
• OSX App Development
• Android App Development
• Electronic Hardware Engineering and Firmware Development: from Internet of Things to Wearables to PComp
• Processing
• NoSQL (MongoDB)
• NodeJS
• Raspberry Pi and other Embedded Linux
• iBeacon Development, Sales and Customization
• FPGA Development in VHDL/Verilog
• Assembly for x86 and various microcontroller platforms
• C
• C++, Cinder and openFrameworks
• OpenGL and OpenGLES
• JavaScript (and other ECMA languages)
• Java
• Python
• Fundamental R and Machine Learning

Of course, more important than any particular technology is the ability to choose (and learn, if necessary) the right tool for the job and integrate all of the above to solve problems and create new things.

James Nick Sears and Jonathan Cousins

Cousins & Sears, LLC.
540 President Street
Brooklyn, New York 11215.

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